Amidst the chaos

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I like to think it's the downside of being creative, rather than a deep personality flaw, but I'm horrifically messy. In some ways the worst part is that when things are out of place I find it much harder to think clearly, or create. I'm actually a little jealous of people who are messy but don't notice the chaos, that might be easier. I've slowly been trying to break the cycle of 'everything is a disaster', 'clean all the things' and I think I'm making some progress. But this month I decided to attempt the Apartment Therapy January Cure, which I tried last year and which went well until I had to travel a lot during the month.

This year it was going great until a couple of weeks ago when I hit 'tackle one of the things on your to do list'. I'd actually managed to tackle a few of the smaller ones already so I went for the biggest one - re-doing the pantry shelving. I didn't realise quite how well attached the shelves were until I attempted to remove them, and the job turned into filling holes and painting. And then things got super busy with the Follow Your Arrow knitalong, making tutorial videos and some other work stuff. And so my kitchen looks like this. I'm hoping to finally get those shelves back up this weekend, but in the meantime I've been trying to accept the chaos and still keep on top of the dishes, keeping accessible surfaces clean. I even managed to do a little comfort food cooking, although it involved balancing dishes on top of pots on top of the hob. It's going to get better, right?

I do like the January Cure approach, even if the only part I've really done in the last week is the flower buying, and I know I made a ton of progress earlier in the month - it's just a little hard to see that right now. My plan is to pretend the last 2 weeks didn't happen and start at that point in the calendar. Fittingly that makes the task for this weekend kitchen cleaning. That's all this really is. Deep breath.

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At work I was greeted by more stuff! But these are rather exciting boxes, a new shipment of The Rhinebeck Sweater. If you order a copy we'll have more space back in the studio! Haha. Manual labour, video editing, chatting to knitters - my workday is rarely very predictable.

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Yesterday it was broken up with some singing practice - anyone who knows me knows that I don't have a musical bone in my body, but faced with a hungry baby (and we thought we were safe given that she'd eaten just before her mamma left to run a quick errand) who would only stop crying when I sang I managed to come up with increasingly bizarre verses for the wheels on the bus. The cat on the bus goes meouw, meouw, meouw was the firm favourite, although I think Bex found the snakes on the plane the most entertaining.

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A tiny sign of progress, I managed to gather the ink, cartridge, and pen together in the same place so that I could refill my favourite pen. And then I started the day by making a list. One thing at a time.

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Technique Thursday - Wrapless Short Rows