Making shawls in Amsterdam

I'm spending a few days in Amsterdam, pretending I'm a local and ringing my bicycle bell to make the tourists get out of the way. I came here to teach a couple of classes at the always charming Penelope Craft, on playing with stitch patterns and shawl design. My students were wonderful and worked so hard even when I gave them the challenge of charting shaping in a challenging stitch pattern. I suspect we're going to see some fun new shawl shapes from some of them soon. 

shawl geometry class at penelope craft amsterdam-1.jpg
shawl geometry class at penelope craft amsterdam-2.jpg
shawl geometry class at penelope craft amsterdam-3.jpg
coffee and knitting-2.jpg
coffee and knitting.jpg

Classes done, I'm having a delightful time doing as little as possible with Mr West watching silly movies, eating and, of course, knitting. I know a lot of knitters, but few of them are as absolutely content to sit and knit (JUST knit) as Stephen.

I'm trying to learn from him, I'd be so much more productive if my knitting time didn't go like: knit a row, check instagram, knit a row, make some tea, knit a row, is it time for a snack? Of course, right now, he's sitting knitting, and I'm switching back and forth between writing this post and catching up on the internet. So... I might have some work to do on that whole zen knitting thing. 
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