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Yarn crafters around the world donated more than 7000 blue and yellow scarves to show their love and support for the runners in the first Boston Marathon since last year's tragic event. The call for scarves was put out by the Old South Church and you can see some of them being given out at their ceremony in this video. 

In a similar vein, I loved Gather Here's hand embroidered 'Boston Strong' window display and round up of community focussed crafting they've done over the last year, "We are so lucky to live in such an amazing, resilient city. With so many talented people who are also generous and lovely to boot. We are proud of what we can and will continue to create together. For we are all, Boston Strong."

Classes for Shetland Wool Week, 4–12 October 2014, have just been announced and go on sale on Monday 28 April.  

Wool People 7 is out, I'd rather like that arrowhead jumper! 

I'm a little obsessed with linen yarns for summer right now, so I'm excited to try this new Quince and Co yarn — Kestrel.

Knitting on Radio 4, although tbh we were cringing through a lot of this. What did you think? Knitting gifts for people is passive agressive and about political power? And who on earth didn't learn that sheep need to be shorn shortly after learning that they say 'baa'? The part about prisoners in Brazil knitting was interesting though. 

Prison knitting class imparts empathy, life lessons and accountability — Washington Post (who seem to have been covering a lot of knitting related stuff lately).

For something actually interesting about clothes and politics — this article about fashion in North Korea. 

The University Of Glasgow is looking for a Knitter-in-Residence. 

I wish popping down to Wales for the weekend was a practical proposition, but if you're closer Wonderwool Wales is this weekend. 

From Mama, With Love

From Mama, With Love

Pac-man Pom-poms

Pac-man Pom-poms