Tombreck — a free pattern for the hat I knit on the train to Knockando

Tombreck — a free pattern for the hat I knit on the train to Knockando

Tombreck — free hat pattern from Ysolda

On Friday we visited the lovely Knockando woolmill. Right before I left the studio I realised something — I hadn't tried the yarn yet. What if it was awful and I had to be polite? I grabbed a skein and some needles and tucked them in my backpack. I didn't actually cast on that night because homebaked muffins suddenly seemed of fundamental importance to all train journeys. But after coffee and a muffin on the train I was ready to cast on a simple hat, perfect for gazing at the scenery. 

By the time Bex and I met my aunt in Inverness she could tell it was a hat. By the time we pulled up at the mill, and the rain stopped with perfect timing, I'd started decreasing. 

Tombreck — free hat pattern from Ysolda

Soup and an excellent cheese scone at the mill's cafe and I was able to snap these photos before we left. Maybe you need a cosy hat too (I know it's almost June, but I saw ducks swimming in a car park puddle on Sunday). My current uniform seems to be bare legs and woolly hat. And the yarn is lovely, with a great balance of crunchy and soft. Which is just as well, because I'm not sure I'm very good at faking politeness.


1 skein of Knockando Aran 

US 6 / 4mm 16" / 40cm circular

US 7 / 4.5mm 16" / 40cm circular

US 7 / 4.5mm needles for preferred method of working small circumferences in the round. 

10 stitch markers

Size Medium, to fit heads 20-22" in circumference*

Gauge 18 sts and 24 rnds = 4" / 10 cm in st st using larger needle

Abbreviations can be found here

Tombreck — free hat pattern from Ysolda

Chevron pattern

Rnd 1: k10, p1, (k19, p1) 4 times, k9.

Rnd 2: k9, p3, (k17, p3) 4 times, k8.

Rnd 3: k8, p5, (k15, p5) 4 times, k7.

Rnd 4: k7, p7, (k13, p7) 4 times, k6.

Rnd 5: k6, p9, (k11, p9) 4 times, k5.

Rnd 6: k5, p11, (k9, p11) 4 times, k4.

Rnd 7: k4, p13, (k7, p13) 4 times, k3.

Rnd 8: k3, p15, (k5, p15) 4 times, k2.

Rnd 9: k2, p17, (k3, p17) 4 times, k1.

Rnd 10: k1, p19, (k1, p19) 4 times.


Rnd 11: p10, k1, (p19, k1) 4 times, p9.

Rnd 12: p9, k3, (p17, k3) 4 times, p8.

Rnd 13: p8, k5, (p15, k5) 4 times, p7.

Rnd 14: p7, k7, (p13, k7) 4 times, p6.

Rnd 15: p6, k9, (p11, k9) 4 times, p5.

Rnd 16: p5, k11, (p9, k11) 4 times, p4.

Rnd 17: p4, k13, (p7, k13) 4 times, p3.

Rnd 18: p3, k15, (p5, k15) 4 times, p2.

Rnd 19: p2, k17, (p3, k17) 4 times, p1.

Rnd 20: p1, k19, (p1, k19) 4 times.


With smaller needle cast on 100 sts. For best results use a tubular cast on for 1x1 rib.

Join rnd being careful not to twist and pm to mark end of rnd.

Rnd 1: (k1, p1) to end.

Rep rnd 1 until ribbing measures 1" / 2.5cm.

Switch to larger needle.

Work rnds 1-20 of chevron pattern a total of 2 times.

Next rnd: (k10, pm) to end.

Next rnd — dec rnd: *k to 2 sts before m, k2tog, slm, rep from * to end.

Knit 1 rnd slipping all markers as you come to them.

Rep last 2 rnds 3 more times. 6 sts between each marker. 

Rep dec rnd on every following rnd until only 10 sts rem, switching to needles for working smaller circumferences when necessary (to be honest, I just awkwardly pulled out a loop of the short circular since that was what I had with me!). Break yarn and draw through remaining sts (but not markers!) pulling up tightly to close hole. Weave in ends and block / tuck ends in and take photos. 

* one size because free pattern, but you could cast on 90 or 110 stitches and make each of the 5 chevron repeats 2 sts and 2 rows smaller or larger. 

Look out for more about our visit to the mill soon. 

Wee Cria KAL — Sleeves and Pockets

Wee Cria KAL — Sleeves and Pockets

Wee Cria KAL — Pocket openings

Wee Cria KAL — Pocket openings