Beautiful Projects - Stac Shoaigh

Beautiful Projects - Stac Shoaigh

The very first of last year's club patterns really is my new favourite shawl. I wear my Stac Shoaigh daily, inside and outside and in all weather. It seems to sit perfectly whether I'm working at my desk, digging in the garden or running around after a toddler and it always keeps me cosy.

Mine is knit in the yarn spun for club members last year, Soay Bronze from Blacker Yarns, but since the pattern was released to everyone earlier this year there are lots of lovely versions being knit up in a variety of colours and yarns. Here are a few of my favourites, perfect to admire while I plan my next one!

Such a gorgeous colour - this lovely version by Sarahinparis is totally transformed from the original with a paler colour. I love it.

Penguin-k's shawl was one of the first new versions to appear on Ravelry, and is knit in a merino and silk blend which looks just wonderful with the lace.

The depth and richness of the colour of actionmole's version is stunning, and you can read more about her other knits over on her blog.

I don't think I've ever knit a spring green shawl and clearly that needs to change. Kismetbaby's Stac Shoaigh is beautiful!

Another rich, gorgeous shawl that makes me want to dive into it! Which is appropriate, since this version by mydogpetey is knit in yarn from Tidal Yarns...

This is a great mod, and definitely one to consider for a future version! This truly lovely stripey Stac Shoiagh was knit by finnsmydog

Beautiful Projects - Picot edging

Beautiful Projects - Picot edging

Beautiful Projects -  A Project Mixtape!

Beautiful Projects - A Project Mixtape!