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Updates and Errata

We work really hard to make sure that our patterns are as clear and accurate as possible and all patterns have been carefully tech edited. However, knitting patterns are complicated and we're only human so unfortunately errors sometimes slip through. When we find an error we update the pdf version as quickly as possible and send out an updated version to everyone who has purchased it. Click here for more information on updating the pdf stored in your Ravelry library. 

If you are having problems with your project please first check that you have the most up to date version of the pattern available, the file name of the most up to date version is listed on each individual pattern page.

There are no known errata for individual printed patterns but please contact us if you purchased your pattern from a yarn store and think there might be a problem.

If you are working on a pattern from a book please follow the links on the left to check for errata, if you have the ebook version you should receive any updates to the digital version - it's a bit difficult to update printed books though! 

How to get help with your project

If you're stuck on a project the chances are that someone else struggled with the same thing. We've put together answers to some of our most frequently asked questions and links to tutorials that you might find helpful for techniques you haven't encountered before. 

The Ysolda Ravelry group is a great place to ask questions, someone else might have had the same issue. Even if you're not having problems it's fun to share your progress with the group.

If you're still stuck please contact us using the form on the left and Nuala will do her best to get you knitting again. 

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It's not possible to earburn or PM you individually on Ravelry to let you know when a pattern is published, but there are lots of other ways to keep up with our news! 

Ravelry has just added some great options for customising your pattern highlights, you can add Ysolda as a favourite designer and anytime a new pattern is released it will show up in your pattern highlights. Or you could sign up to Ysolda's newsletter, follow her blog or follow her on twitter or instagram.